Is Augmented Reality the Future of Technology?

In August of 2020, I was scrolling through social media and landed on a post about Augmented Reality. Being familiar with Virtual Reality, I became curious as to what Augmented Reality (AR) does compared to Virtual Reality (VR). Not knowing much at all about AR besides its name, I decided to dive in and research it more. I quickly came to notice that it was one of the biggest emerging technology advancements in 2020.

By definition, Augmented reality is a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, thus providing a composite view. Now how this differs and improves on VR is that instead of watching a world, AR can actually put you in a situation in a “new world” where you are able to roam and interact instead of just viewing something. Attached below are a couple images displaying examples I think explain AR well.

Iron Man

It is hard to perfectly display what AR is through pictures, so one video I truly enjoyed and believe displays AR perfectly is a Ted Talk by Jon Mar. He goes through his passion for Art and technology and how AR is able to mesh those two ideas together to create “magic”. He puts you in a world where you are standing in an alley and are able to walk around and interact with his painting and even watch them being painted in real time. Attached below is the link to his video:

With movies already displaying AR, such as Ready Player One, I can see Augmented Reality taking over the world and being used in almost every aspect of innovation. There are so many possibilities for this technology and it truly excites me.

Augmented Reality is something that has truly sparked my interest and has the chance to become the next greatest technological advancement. With benefits to sports, broadcasting, science, entertainment, etc. the opportunities are endless. I believe if you have not looked into Augmented Reality, then do yourself a favor and research it because it is truly amazing.